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Shelves are fixtures that are often overlooked in a workplace. Though they serve a number of purposes, they are seldom given the credit they deserve. Shelves keep a workplace much more organised, and they play a vital role in food safety. The selection of shelves therefore, should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to shelving, Mantova has an excellent selection of products for cafes, restaurants and other food businesses. Our designs have been trusted by many for years.

But what separates our shelving from others? Here are some advantages our shelving has to offer.

1. Shelving products are adjustable

All our shelving products can be adjusted to a particular height depending on the business’ operations or needs. Some establishments may need high shelves for storage. Those with smaller spaces can lower the shelves to fit. In addition, our shelves can be assembled easily without the use of any tools. This feature is useful when storage fixtures have to be transferred to another area.

2. Shelf surfaces enhance airflow

Our shelves have flat open surfaces with holes that allow air to flow easily and freely. When used inside freezers or cool rooms, the cold can easily spread around and penetrate the stored items. Airflow rate can influence air quality in the cold store. Existing air has to be replaced by fresh air. Appropriate airflow must be maintained depending on the type of food or products stored.

3. Antimicrobial protection and food grade plastic

The Plastic shelves we offer are food grade. This means that food items are still safe for consumption even when they come in contact with the plastic components. Food grade plastic doesn’t contain recycled plastic, dyes and other chemicals that might be harmful to humans. Moreover, the shelves have built in antimicrobial protection which helps keep away organisms that can affect the food’s quality.

4. Mobile shelving

This is a great option for businesses with huge storage spaces. Wheels can be attached to the shelves to make them more movable. Goods stored in mobile shelves can be quickly transferred anywhere around the place. Such a feature is handy when moving stored items through long distances or transferring them in bulk.

5. Shelves are durable

The frames and posts of our shelves are made of stainless steel which is known for its durability. This material does not rust easily which contributes to the shelves’ long service life. Steel is also suited for corrosive environments. Since these fixtures are used to store and display items, it is best to use durable materials that can fulfil their intended function.

6. Shelves are versatile

With their design and material, these shelves can be used in different kinds of environments. Wire shelving, for example, is suitable for use in medical facilities. This is perfect for storing medical equipment, especially those that are bulky or heavy. In the food business, wire shelving can be used for bulk storage of dry goods in freezers and cool rooms.

7. Easy maintenance

Storage fixtures are likely to harbor dirt and particles from food and other items stored. This won’t be much of a problem as our shelves can be cleaned pretty easily. They can be cleaned right where they stand, but If there is a need to clean them elsewhere, the shelves can be removed from their frames.

If you need new shelves for a variety of storage needs, check out our shelving options. We also manufacture café style chairs using the finest materials. These top quality café chairs are great for indoor and outdoor use, and are just what you need to complete your restaurant or cafe. Purchase any of our products today and experience the Mantova difference!