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Mantova designs and manufactures shelving that has been trusted by businesses for decades. We have the whole range of commercial food storage shelving covered. Available Shelf Styles range from Real Tuff drop on shelves through to Wire shelving.

Real Tuff

Injection moulded Real Tuff shelves sit on either a Galvanised or a 304 Grade Stainless Steel frame. Real Tuff shelves are removable  which allows cleaning of the shelf outside of a cool room or freezer. Removable plastic shelves are always heavily ribbed underneath for strength so must be removed for cleaning.

Real Tuff shelving can be used in any food storage application, however with the ability to remove the shelf for cleaning would be very beneficial when used in freezers.  The plastic used has an antimicrobial additive built in. The choice of either a galvanised or stainless steel frame would depend on the how corrosive the environment the shelving will be used in is.


The M-Span shelf is designed to last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over moulding a sub frame with Food Grade Polypropylene to produce a strong shelf in one process. This technique reduces the cost of having the equivalent shelf made in polished stainless steel by 40%.

M-Span shelves are designed to be easy to clean where they are. Not to be removed from their area and cleaned elsewhere. Features such as clear spans with out ribs underneath the shelf, radius holes in the surface, no welds, no wire joins, no steel at all on the surface, make the M-Span shelf extremely quick and easy to clean. Because of this design there are also no dirt catch points or small nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria. The plastic used is Food Grade and has antimicrobial protection built in.

This makes M-Span shelving suitable for just about any application. The only choice to make is whether to match the M-Span shelf with Stainless Steel posts or Galvanised Posts. M-Span Shelving is a stocked item.

Wire Grid

Mantova’s Wire Grid Shelving has solid roll formed sides which are easier to clean then other brands of wire shelving. Fully welded steel corners make this shelving very strong. The solid roll formed frame gives a clean look as well as price and product name space for front of shop use.
Wire shelving can used in any environment however it is most suited to the storage of bulky dry goods and sterilized medical equipment. Wire shelving is not as easy to clean as M-Span or Real Tuff shelving because of the complicated grid pattern and welds. For the storage of food products which can spill or have contact with the shelving, the moulded plastic shelves will be easier maintain and keep clean.


Requiring no tools for assembly Mantova’s Post Style Dunnage Shelving allows heavy duty shelving to be as easily set up and configured as standard shelving. Each shelf is height adjustable to suit.

Dunnage shelving is only used to store bulky and very heavy products. Each dunnage shelf can hold 400kgs. Available in Galvanised or 304 Grade Stainless Steel, this shelving is most commonly used by fast food restaurants and supermarkets where turn over is high and bulky frozen goods are stored.