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In today’s food service equipment market there are now many more options, and unfortunately even more wild claims. The truth is, shelving can come in a number of finishes, and choosing the wrong finish will not only be detrimental to your stored goods and items, it can also lead to faster wear and tear of the shelving, all resulting in costs that no business really needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the area of food storage shelving, we know the shelving surfaces that are available in the market today and which ones work best for different needs, uses and environments. And we’ll tell you all about them so you don’t waste money on the wrong type of shelving.

Mantova’s shelving range offers a choice of every shelving finish available in the market today, unlike our competitors who give you one option and a warranty that you can claim in another country. From plastic to plated steel to polished stainless steel there is a finish that will suit just about any environment, and will result in your shelving lasting a long time.

Available finishes include:

Injection Moulded Plastic
Done in the right way plastic can perform very well in cool rooms and freezers. As plastic will never rust there is no issues with corrosion. However there is an art to getting plastic to be strong and remain easy to clean. Till now in order to reinforce plastic shelves they must be heavily ribbed underneath. That is until Mantova created the only completely moulded shelf on the market called M-Span. This is a shelf with a steel reinforced sub frame that is completely covered by food grade plastic. This has resulted in the world’s first plastic shelf to have an easy to clean open surface on the top and also on the bottom of the shelf.

Plastic is a good option for shelving, however how easy it is to clean is the most important factor when choosing a shelving system with plastic shelves

Polished Stainless Steel Grade 304
This finish is highly resistant to corrosion and recommended for wet areas, cool rooms and freezers. Just about all food service businesses would have an area that is always humid and wet especially butchers, fish mongers or food processing facilities. A Polished Stainless Steel finish is available on Wire Shelving, Real Tuff Shelving and M-Span shelving.

Stainless steel is more expensive then other coated steels but with the right maintenance and cleaning, it can be a good investment and last a lifetime. Due to the higher cost of Stainless Steel we have developed ways of combining moulded plastic shelves with polished stainless steel frame work to bring the cost of having a corrosion resistant shelving system down dramatically.

Zinc Plated + Clear Lacquer
This is our most popular finish and is stocked at all times as Wire Shelving and Real Tuff shelving. Zinc Plate with Clear Lacquer is suitable for Cool Rooms, Freezers and Dry Store storage. Even in wet environments this finish will last a very long time. Moulded Real Tuff plastic shelf plates which will never corrode will add to the shelves life span and are especially suited for food storage. This finish on Wire Shelving is very popular for dry storage and the storage of heavy duty bulk items.

Zinc Plated + Powder Coat
For an additional layer of protection the Zinc plated surface can be powder coated. Available on Wire Shelving and Real Tuff shelving, this finish is very resistant to corrosion however the powder coat must be looked after more then the standard Zinc plate + Clear Lacquer as it can chip off. We do not recommend powder coated shelving for applications with heavy use or for storage of steel cans or drums.

Be Aware of warranties for powder coated shelving, you will often find in the small print that if the powder coated surface has been chipped the warranty is voided. Once a layer of powder coated shelving is broken this creates a moisture trap and can exacerbate the rust.
Powder Coating shelving can be useful for medical applications which require a smooth surface for storage of fragile items.

For any business to succeed, it must invest in the right materials and equipment. Invest wisely by choosing Mantova’s line of hospitality furniture and shelving. With our combination of the right finishes and high quality materials, you can be sure that your shelving and other kitchen and café needs will last a long, long time.