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Comfort is the Key!

Ask any restaurant or café staple – the ones that constantly have their laptop, java cup and headphones in some corner of a coffee shop – about what’s important in a café and they will say “the comfortable chairs.”

Unfortunately, not all shops understand this. Hence, customers are left constantly shifting trying to find the ultimate sweet spot in their otherwise cold, hard and unfriendly chairs.

This doesn’t have to be your reality.

If you’re a café shop owner, you need to strike a balance between design and comfort. And of course, amazing treats to entice customers to keep coming back for more!

It’s All in The Chairs

There’s a whole variety of coffee shop chairs out there. And those new to the business can easily become overwhelmed by the selection. In fact, this is a common mistake. Luckily, with a little research and a few smart purchasing decisions, it’s possible to pick out the best chairs for your coffee shop.

Here are some finer points to consider:

  • Consider your establishment design and atmosphere. Even if you get the most comfortable chairs but it comes with a questionable design inappropriate with the ambiance you’re longing to project in your café, then it wouldn’t work.

    Apart from ensuring it matches the theme of your space, it should also appeal to the type of crowd you are targeting. Nobody wants to visit your shop if your chairs are unappealing to look at. Having striking café chairs can do wonders in enticing people to come over and enter a coffee place.

  • The quality of the chosen chairs also need to live up to standard. Chosen properly, you could find café chairs to last you a long time. Look for something easy to clean and maintain. Always keep the long term in mind. Businesses are expensive and buying materials can easily create a huge dent in the budget. Might as well make it worthwhile by getting chairs that are durable and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Functionality may often be overlooked but it is equally important to note for your business. Café style chairs should be portable or at least mixed in with non-portable ones. Having movable chairs means customers can move it around the space to accommodate bigger groups. This makes for easier conversation amongst customers or groups.

  • Finally, comfort should be your number one concern. Pleasing customers, whether it’s only a handful or a huge crowd, will ensure return sales for your coffee shop or café. People who visit the shop for leisure often find themselves spending a long time working on their laptop, reading a book or just waiting for friend. Ensuring that comfortable chairs are provided means you’re thinking about the customer’s welfare. At least they won’t be eager to leave your place because they’ve found a nice spot with great chairs to enjoy.

Regardless of the size and shape of your shop, the best café chairs can enhance and entice customers. By making clients feel welcome and ensuring they are comfortable at all times, you are conditioning them to associate that good feeling they feel with your shop. Customers like this are almost always guaranteed to keep coming back. You can also count on them to spread the word about your place. This, in turn, means more business for you and your company.